Meet Mandy: 2016 IBW Giveaway Photoshoot Winner

One quick scroll through our facebook group and you know we all love a quick babywearing selfie. But I personally *love* promoting getting a couple professional babywearing photos that you’ll keep and treasure. We caregivers are all too often left out of photos, and trust me (*TRUST ME*), your kids are going to want to see photos not just of themselves, but of themselves WITH you. And if the difference between a selfie and a professional image is the difference between the photo getting deleted from your phone or printed and shared and kept, then it is worth hiring a professional. If you think it’s expensive, look for a mini session or a micro session – we have some amazing photographers in St. Louis that are very reasonably priced.

Several local photographers generously offered mini babywearing photo sessions as prizes during IBW 2016. Images from Mandy’s session with Cedar Tree Photographers just came in, and they are lovely! Here are just a few they shared with us:




These photos are so sweet, and they definitely fall in line with what Katie of Cedar Tree says about her business:

I started my own photography company back in 2010, it has grown and evolved in many ways. I am often found using natural light to capture the intimate moments my clients share with their loved ones. I take pride in capturing the pure joy, peace, and fulfillment of parenthood that is often lost in the chaotic daily life.

You can see more of this session on Katie’s blog here:

Cedar Tree Photography can be found around the web:

Cedar Tree on Facebook
Cedar Tree Blog
Cedar Tree Web Site

Katie, thank you so much for offering this session to our group for IBW!

We will be posting more of our prize sessions as they take place!


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