Library Spotlight: The Carrying On Project and Butterfly Baby

Have you heard of The Carrying On Project? They provide carriers of all types to military families, and we were thrilled to be able to host an event in April, the month of the military family, at nearby Scott Air Force Base, sponsored by The Carrying On Project. Some volunteers and educators from BWI of St. Louis provided babywearing education and some library carriers for fit help, and The Carrying On Project provided us with information on their organization and a carrier to give away to one of the attendees from the base! We loved being able to help spread the word about The Carrying On Project and their mission while providing support to military families.

What’s more, in thanks for hosting the event, The Carrying On Project also provided us with a donated wrap for our library! It is a beautiful and vibrant size 7 wrap from Butterfly Baby Company, called Sweet Shop. It shines with rainbow goodness!

But really, it doesn’t matter what it looks like if it’s not fun to wrap with. I first put my 30lb 3yo up in it and was happy with how sturdy it is.

But not to worry, “sturdy” in this case does not also mean “thick,” “beastly,” or “difficult to wrap.” I decided to try it out with some smaller demo dolls, because honestly even though they are weighted, they can be tricky to wrap; they aren’t as heavy as real babies, and the weight isn’t always in the same places, and they just don’t move the same (obviously). Since this is a size 7, I started with a Double Hammock but also tried my favorite tandem, a Double Hammock tied at should with front baby in a reinforced sling carry in the tails.


Then my 3yo saw me and wanted to ride on my back again, but ONLY if one of the babies could ride on the front with her. So I got to try that tandem again.


This wrap is fairly thin in hand with very little stretch, but it’s also pretty smooth so I didn’t find it difficult to move the passes into place or tighten it strand by strand, and it was very supportive and comfortable. The size 7 is great for some tandem carries, lots of front/hip/back carries, and some fancy finishes. With the stripes and different colored rails, it’s also a great learning wrap, and would work as a base size for many people. A few more glamour shots? Why not.



This wrap will make a visit to each meeting location this month and then be available for checkout. Definitely keep an eye out for it! And if you would like more information on The Carrying On Project, or are interested in supporting them with a monetary or carrier donation, please check out their website or Facebook page. We can’t thank them enough for their support of babywearing, military families, and our library!

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