Library Feature: Butterfly Baby Wrap

How is BWI of STL able to maintain such wonderful carrier libraries? Sometimes carriers are purchased with money from membership fees and fundraising efforts. Sometimes carriers are donated by babywearing members of our St. Louis chapter. And sometimes brand new carriers are donated by generous companies that make or sell them. Today’s library feature is a beautiful, long woven wrap donated by Butterfly Baby Company!


© Tracy Dalton

Featured Carrier: Butterfly Baby Resonance Rose Pink Weft, size 7
Library Location: St. Charles County (check the calendar for the next meeting)
Carrier Type: Woven Wrap
Suited For Ages: Baby through Toddler (and up!)
Carrier Positions: Front, Hip, and Back

We *love* having some longer woven wraps in the libraries! Most caregivers find they have a “base” size of either a 5, 6, or 7 in woven wraps; this means they can execute many multi-layer front, hip, and back carries with that size, and it’s a great starting point if you’re new to wrapping. You might find yourself reaching for a wrap a little longer than your base size when wrapping a toddler or preschooler than when wrapping a newborn or young baby. There are also a few carries that require a longer wrap, and many options for “fancy finishes” that can beautifully use up longer wrap tails even if your base size is shorter. No matter the size of the caregiver or baby, having a longer wrap available can be lots of fun!

The Wrap Geekery:

Name: Resonance Rose Pink Weft (from Butterfly Baby Co.’s Signature Collection)
Fiber: 100% Cotton
Density: Approx 325 g/m2 post wash
Weave: Jacquard, machine woven and hand finished in the USA
Resonance is woven on a black Strie mercerized cotton warp with a rose pink combed cotton weft.

What do our volunteers and educators who have tried this wrap have to say?

“I loved this wrap because it was super grippy and toddler worthy.” ~ Tracy

“The two sided design is awesome for fancy finishes!” ~ April


This Butterfly Baby wrap has great grip and texture to hold passes in place, and we’re looking forward to seeing how much it softens up with lots of use!

This beautiful woven wrap is assigned to the St. Charles library; if you are interested in trying it out at the meeting, or are a member and would like to borrow it for a month, check the calendar for the next St. Charles County meeting!

We are so thankful for companies like Butterfly Baby Co. that make donations to our lending libraries. If you have a moment, please stop by the Butterfly Baby facebook page and leave them a note of thanks or visit the Butterfly Baby web site!

Also a special thanks to Tracy Dalton of Little Monkeys Photography for many of these beautiful images!

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