Challenge DAY ONE #1

 May the wrappee be calm and patient! See link above for full details.
Welcome to DAY ONE! We are very excited to get the ring challenge under way! We are starting with the first carry which is a No-Sew Ring Sling!

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Here is a little photo tutorial on threading a no-sew ring sling!

Start with your wrap and a set of Aluminum Sling Rings. These are size large.

Gather the wrap up, trying to keep it evenly gathered. If you can avoid bunching and folding in this step, the next part will come out much smoother! Put the end through both rings, this will become the part of the sling resting on your shoulder.
Fold the wrap back over the top ring and then under the bottom ring. You should pull 6-12 inches of the wrap through at this point to create a safe no-sew ring sling.
Make sure the fabric is spread evenly between the rings and there is a sufficient length on the other side of the rings.
Find the other end of your wrap which will now become your ring sling tail.
Insert this end of the wrap through both rings. Check that the length of wrap has not become twisted.
Thread this end as we did the shoulder, over the first ring and under the second.
Once again, make sure the fabric is spread evenly through the rings. 
Now use as a ring sling! 
Come back tomorrow for DAY TWO, Front Wrap Cross Carry!

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