Working On It Wednesday: Nursing in a Carrier

Working On It Wednesday #woiw

Welcome to the blog edition of WIOW!  
We will be posting the woiw with as much information as we can here, then we hope you will pop on over to our facebook group and share your photos there!
Each week we will choose one carry to play with, practice and perfect!! What better way to experience and expand our babywearing bag of tricks!!
Practice the carry, play with it enjoy!! Post pics!!!

#woiw #BWIGateway
This week we aren’t going to cover a specific carry but something that is a great skill to master.  Nursing in a carrier.  This is not woven wrap specific, nursing can be done in any type of carrier.  Woven wrap, Soft Structured Carrier, Mei Tai, Ring Sling, Pouch, or Stretchy wrap.  Learning to correctly use a carrier and learning to nurse in a carrier can both be challenging.  I suggest learning to use your carrier correctly and well before attempting to learn to nurse in it.  Trying to learn both at the same time could be overwhelming and frustrating.  The links I am providing are for nursing with woven wraps but please feel free to ask if you would like a link for nursing in a different carrier.  Please don’t hesitate to ask questions or post pictures for trouble shooting. 
Video Links: This one shows multiple carries that work for nursing. This one shows nursing a newborn This one show nursing in FCC upright and in cradle position
Picture Link:
Have fun and Happy Babywearing!

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