Volunteer Spotlight: Amanda

In the past couple weeks we have had THREE amazing Chapter Support Volunteers pass their skills assessment to become Volunteer Babywearing Educators, which is timely because our chapter is very much in a position of needing more volunteers and educators to cover all of our meetings in the metro area. Today I get to introduce you to Amanda, who has been babywearing since her first baby was just a few days old, which means she has more than four years of experience (yep, time really does go by quickly!). I’m so excited that Amanda can now put her knowledge to use and offer hands-on help and teaching as a VBE at our BWI events.

Amanda kindly answered some questions so we can get to know her a bit – be sure to say hi when you see her at a meeting!

What was your first carrier?

An original ergo gifted to me by my aunt and cousin.

Has anyone ever said anything funny or so totally wrong about babywearing when they saw you carrying your child?

I have had lots of random comments along the lines of “that looks comfy”. I did have 2 ladies loudly discuss how I was spoiling my child and I was obviously obsessed with keeping her a baby. We were in Costco, my daughter was 2 and almost asleep on my back. I just ignored them and kept walking because, samples.

What is your favorite carrier in the library?

My favorite is the girasol ring sling. It is so soft and I love a good ring sling.

What is one piece of advice you give to friends interested in learning to wear their babies?

Don’t get overwhelmed with all the types and styles. Come to a meeting or meet up with a friend who has a good amount of carriers before you buy one. This can help with figuring out what is best for you, your baby and your lifestyle.

What is your carrier “unicorn” – that one carrier or wrap that you would acquire if money and availability were no object?

I would love Cleverist Wit from Pretty Paisley. I’m not picky so a ring sling or any size wrap would be amazing.

What is your favorite benefit that you’ve experienced with babywearing?

My favorite thing is how it helps build connection between wearer and child. I love how I can calm my child or help them fall asleep, give them a place to escape to and help them feel connected to me.

Can you point us to any “hidden gems” in St. Louis, or a favorite place to hang out with your kids?

We enjoy going Twin Oaks park and the train store.

Amanda is also a certified personal trainer and wrote this awesome post for us on expercises you can do while babywearing – check it out!

Thank you so much for volunteering your time to caregivers in St. Louis, Amanda!

If you’ve ever been to a meeting, you know that the more volunteers and educators we have on hand, the more one-on-one help we can offer to caregivers. If you have *any* interest in volunteering your time and talents (“expert” babywearing status is absolutely not required!), please get in touch with us or talk to any volunteer at a meeting!

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