Library Update: New Carriers!

Thanks to some successful fundraising and generous donations from members and local retailers, we’ve had a lot of new carriers added to the library lately. We try to highlight when new carriers are available so you know what to look for, so I’ve grouped several into this post that will be heading into the checkout rotation at the next meetings. If you’ve been looking for a handwoven wrap, a toddler size mei tai, or a baby size SSC (with NO infant insert required), read on!

First up is something many members have expressed an interest in – a handwoven wrap!

Featured Carrier: Weaving Heart Handwovens, Dragonet
Carrier Type: Handwoven Wrap
Suited For Ages: Infant through Toddler
Carrier Positions: Front, Hip, Back
Details: Size 6 (4.9m), 60%cotton/40% linen, plain weave


This base size wrap is lovely for multi-layer carries, soft and broken in, and the cotton/linen blend is lightweight but sturdy. It has a great range of colors that gives the wrap a different look in different carries, and overall was really nice to wrap with!


Next up we have a new mei tai and a new full buckle…

Featured Carrier: Fidella Fly Tai, Toddler Size
Carrier Type: Mei Tai, wrap conversion with wrap straps
Suited For Ages: Larger baby and toddler (from 5 months, 32-41 inches)
Carrier Positions: Front, Hip, Back
Details: Organic Cotton, Zen Cappuccino brown/white design, wrap straps with padded shoulders


This Fidella fabric is soft and smooth and lovely to wrap with. The Fly Tai (in all sizes) is highly adjustable; there are stepless cinch strings that allow you to make both the height and width of the panel smaller on the bottom, top, and both sides. The shoulders are padded but also have wrap fabric that can be fanned out and cupped over your shoulders. This is definitely a carrier that can grow with your baby! The cappuccino color scheme is interesting but neutral and looks great with everything (even when your toddler chooses a sweater from the 80s that could easily double as a circus costume). You can find full details on this carrier on the Fidella web site.

If you have an infant or newborn, this next carrier could be for you – a baby size SSC!

Featured Carrier: Fidella Fusion full buckle carrier in Diva Twinkle Rose
Carrier Type: Full Buckle Soft Structured Carrier (SSC)
Suited For Ages: Newborn through toddler, up to 33lbs
Carrier Positions: Front, Back
Details: Organic Cotton and Polyester jacquard tri-weave, in sparkly Diva Twinkle Rose color


Many SSC brands say baby has to be at least 7 – 15 lbs before they can be used, and even then they might require an infant insert. The baby size Fidella can be used from birth without an insert. The panel is a bit smaller than many SSCs, and it has the same stepless adjusters as the Fly Tai that allow the panel to be made more narrow and shorter, as necessary. My tiny 2yo was still comfortable in this carrier with the panel as large as it goes, so you could likely get at least a year or two of use out of this if you started using it at birth. Full details on the Fidella Fusion Babysize are on their web site here. Plus, the sparkle!


Remember that the carrier library is available at meetings for anyone to try out and get help with. If you would like to borrow carriers from the library, you can become a member at any meeting!

While we can’t buy everything, we are always interested to hear what members would like to see in the library, so feel free to let us know, and always ask if you have any questions about any of the carriers in the learning and lending library. We welcome posts and questions in the BWI of STL Facebook group as well!

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