Library Update: 5 New Ring Slings!

Checkout trends in our carrier library showed we were a little overstashed in some wrap sizes, and we had many requests for more wrap conversion ring slings, so we sent off a couple wraps to be converted into ring slings. We recently received FIVE completed ring slings, two converted by Whisper Wovens and two converted by Sleeping Baby Productions, and SBP generously included a third ring sling as a donation!

Here is the lovely sling donated by SBP – a lively pink linen, size small, with a signature SBP pleated shoulder. Linen is known to be lightweight, cool, easy to adjust in a ring sling, and moldable for newborns but sturdy enough for toddlers!



Here are the other four ring slings; we have lots of different lengths and shoulder types for you to try!

We had a long BBSlen Green Peas wrap that became two different ring slings: One medium length with an EEsti shoulder (a hybrid where the outer edges have a few pleats but the rest of the material is simply gathered) and one extra long sling with a gathered shoulder converted by Whisper Wovens. (The gathered shoulder is pictured.)



The last sling from SBP is also an Eesti shoulder from a BBSlen Papaya wrap. I love the colors in this!



And finally there is now an elegant, neutral option for everyone who has asked, “What’s a good carrier to wear at a wedding?” This BBSlen Champagne wrap has a gathered shoulder, also converted by Whisper Wovens. This is a shorter ring sling, but should still work for most caregivers and wrapees.



These new rings slings are all in the library and now available for learning during the meeting, and for borrowing if you are a member (and if you aren’t, you can become a member at any meeting and borrow a carrier the same day!).

As always, feel free to let us know if you have any questions!

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