Library Feature: Pavo Confetti Sunshine State

If you’re part of the BWI of STL Gateway Facebook group, there’s a chance you’ve seen a few pictures of this new Pavo wrap (ok, maybe a few more than a few). There are two main reasons for this:

  1. This wrap was donted by Pavo Textiles, and we appreciate donations to our carrier library so much that we can’t help but show them off!
  2. When a wrap is this happy and bright and sunshiney, the showing off part is just too easy.


Featured Carrier: Pavo Textiles Confetti Sunshine State, size 7, 100% cotton
Carrier Type: Woven Wrap
Suited For Ages: Baby through Toddler (and up!)
Carrier Positions: Front, Hip, and Back

While pretty much any woven can be used for pretty much any age baby or child, this particular wrap is on the “sturdy” and “dense” end of the spectrum, making it wonderfully suited for heavier wrapees. Pavo even notes in its description of this wrap that it is “For older babies and experienced wrappers only.” That note from Pavo clues us in to the wrapping qualities of this particular weave: wraps that are sturdy and dense often require more care and skill when tightening in order to accomplish a supportive, comfortable wrap job, but once in place, you’re good to go for hours! So if you are brand new to wrapping, you might find the attention required to work your way through tightening this wrap is a bit overwhelming when you’re still focused on remembering the carry or your wrapee is still adjusting to the process. But everyone defines “experienced wrapper” for themselves, so if you like it, I say give it a try!

The double-sided color pattern and the size 7 length mean this wrap is a delight for trying out all those fancy finishes.


We even tried out the new-to-me Double Hammock with a Rapunzel finish:


Every time someone wraps with this Pavo it will get just a bit softer and more modable. It was so fun to use even new… I can’t wait to try it out again in a few months!

Many thanks to Pavo Textiles for enhancing our carrier library with this wrap. The babywearing community of St. Louis is looking forward to putting lots of love into it!

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