Library Feature: LoAnnBell Water Ring Slings

Just because most kids are headed back to school right now doesn’t mean St. Louis is done with summer weather.

Translation: It’s August, it’s hot, and I still want to be in the water all the time.

While it’s tempting to just toss your baby in your everyday carrier and go wading in the water, it is generally recommended to use a carrier specifically designed for the water. Chlorine and salt can degrade your carrier fabric over time. Also (just a personal thought here) – a normal wrap, ring sling, or especially soft structured carrier takes a long time to dry, and I would guess that having a baby in a carrier that stays really wet would make it more difficult for the baby to regulate her temperature, and wet fabric can chafe skin more quickly than dry.

Blue, size Medium

Blue, size Medium

All reasons why we are so thankful to LoAnnBell Design for donating TWO mesh fabric water ring slings to our library!

Featured Carrier: LoAnnBell Mesh Ring Sling
Carrier Type: Water Ring Sling
Suited For Ages: Infant through Toddler (8 – 35 lbs)
Carrier Positions: Front, Hip

We love having these slings in the library. There are several different types of water carriers available on the market, including water wraps and soft structured carriers, but a ring sling is my personal favorite. It is incredibly cool, very easy to pop baby in and out, very comfortable, keeps baby nice and high and close for monitoring in the heat and water, and is my favorite carrier for breastfeeding while wearing. These ring slings are awesome for use at splash pads, wading pools, lake and ocean beaches, and even in the shower!

Grey, size Large

Grey, size Large

Any time you’re wearing your baby, you want to be aware of safety issues, and wearing in the water has a few extra tips to keep in mind:

  • Be aware of baby’s airway; as always when wearing, his face should be fully visible, at least 2 fingers should fit between chin and chest, and head high and kissably close. In addition, watch carefully for any water pooling around his face.
  • Only wear your baby in water where your feet are on the ground (no swimming)! and no wearing on watercraft (baby should be in an approved flotation device appropriate for her size while on any boat or similar craft).
  • Keep an eye out for splashing and waves. Baby should not ingest large amounts of water.
  • Be aware of the water temperature and how baby reacts to it.
  • Never wear your baby in water with a strong current, slippery bottom, or where you can’t see the bottom.

Also, specifically with the mesh ring slings, be mindful if you are using it in dry conditions. The mesh fabric grips best when it is wet, so if you are wearing it before or after water play when it is dry, or using it as a general summer carrier, you might find the fabric slips through the rings a bit more easily than normal and you need to adjust or tighten it periodically to maintain a good seat and snug fit on baby. Just keep an eye on it!

LoAnnBell Design is a local, fully compliant designer and maker of water ring slings made with athletic mesh fabric and aluminum rings. They offer a huge selection of colors in fabric and rings, as well as beautiful fabric accents. If you are in the market for a water carrier, definitely check out the LoAnnBell Etsy Shop and follow the Facebook page for updates.

Thank you so much for this amazing donation! We always appreciate donations to our carrier library, and are extremely excited to show off quality work from local artisans!

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