Library Feature: Lenny Lamb SSC

You say you want the soft, snuggly feel of a wrap, with the convenience of buckles?


The LennyLamb Lenny Erogonomic Carrier is a soft structured buckle carrier made from LennyLamb wrap fabric, and BWI of STL Gateway has not one, but two of these carriers in baby size for you to try and borrow!

Image courtesy

Image courtesy


Featured Carrier: LennyLamb Ergonomic Carrier, wrap conversion from Diuna wrap, baby size
Library Location: St. Louis City (at Parenting Resources) and St. Louis Saturday (at Amber Sky)
Carrier Type: Soft Structured Carrier (SSC) / Buckle Carrier / Ergonomic Carrier
Suited For Ages: Baby
Weight Limits: 5 – 20 kg (about 11 – 44 lbs)
Carrier Positions: Front, Back
Wrap Geekery: Bamboo/Cotton blend, broken twill weave, 220 gsm

The LennyLamb manual encourages caregivers to wait until baby is around 4 months to use any SSC, but also says that if you want to use a structured carrier earlier, their baby size carrier can be used with an infant as young as 6 weeks with a simple modification to how you put on the waist band.

Image couretesy http://en.lennylamb/com

Image couretesy http://en.lennylamb/com

Standout Features:

  • 4-way adjustable shoulder straps for a very customizable fit
  • Contoured panel, padded shoulder straps, and legs-out padding for baby
  • Adjustable hood
  • Soft, moldable waistband

You can find all the details in the LennyLamb Ergonomic Carrier manual or on their web site.

What do our educators and members have to say about this carrier?

It’s soft, right out of the package… the fabric isn’t too heavy making it good for any type of weather. It’s my favorite carrier. There are many places to adjust straps to get a PERFECT fit and the waistband is amazing! ~Lauren

I checked this out and loved it! Super soft and with so many places to adjust, it was easy to get a snug, wrapped like fit, but with the quick ups of a buckle carrier! ~Krystal

I had a caregiver tell me that she liked this carrier when she had to sit for a while; the waist was much more comfortable than a harder foam waist. ~Leigha
[Editor’s note: What a helpful comment – I never thought about that!]

If you would like to try on this carrier, check the Calendar for the next St. Louis City or St. Louis Saturday meeting!

And a very heartfelt thanks goes out to Kate, one of the owners of Parenting Resources, for donating *both* of these carriers to the BWI of STL libraries. Parenting Resources offers babywearing and lactation consultations; prenatal, childbirth, and baby & me classes; parenting workshops; yoga and health classes; and many other classes and drop-in groups for local caregivers and their babies and toddlers. They also provide a space for our monthly St. Louis City BWI meetings, AND Parenting Resources is one of our Retail Partners, offering a 10% discount off carrier purchases to BWI of STL Gateway members. If you happen to drop in, be sure to tell them thank you for supporting the babywearing community in St. Louis!


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