Library Feature: BB-TAI by Babylonia

Welcome to the BWI of STL Library! We’re featuring some of our library carriers so you know what we have, where to find it, and if you might want to try it out. Our full library inventory can be found here. Let us know if you have any questions!

Featured Carrier: BB-TAI by Babylonia
Library Location: Parenting Resources (Campanula); Cotton Babies (Marigold); Illinois (Pineapple)
Carrier Type: Mei Tai
Suited For Ages: Newborn through Toddler
Carrier Positions: Front, Hip, and Back
Weight Limit: 8 – 33 lbs

Photos courtesy Babylonia USA at

Details (from Babylonia USA):

The BB-TAI is inspired by traditional Asian Mei Tai carriers. The sash-style tying system is simple to use, adjustable, and comfortable for both wearer and child and is specially woven to wrap around the curves of baby and wearer. Suitable for kangaroo care (skin-to-skin carrying) and breastfeeding. It can be used to carry the baby in front, on your hip, or on your back. It can be worn by adults of all sizes, as well as children and adolescents who would like to carry the baby. Features a removable infant insert, so baby can be safely carried, right from birth.

Shoulder straps are 78″ long and the waistband is 80″ long.

Materials: Woven 100% Organic Cotton and non-toxic dyes.

Production: Fair Trade Project in India

Would you like to see the BB-TAI in action? Scroll to the bottom of the Babylonia USA product page for a great video:

What do our VBEs have to say about the BB-TAI?

That head support is my fave with my 14 month old. Being able to easily adjust it and access the strings if baby falls asleep on my back is BOMB!! ~Kelsey

I used one for the first time the other day and LOVED it! I love the feel of a MT [Mei Tai] and this one definitely didn’t disappoint! Held him close and kept both of us comfortable. ~Karen

My personal BBTai is one of my car carriers. I find it is very comfortable for long periods of time but easy enough to put on well that I don’t feel like it’s not worth my time if I have to make a quick trip out of it. Getting the shoulder straps spread well across your shoulders can make all the difference in the world with this carrier! With smaller babies it’s not necessary to spread the passes across baby, but as baby gets heavier it’s a great way to offer additional support. ~Kalee

Have you used the BB-TAI? Our libraries are availabe during the meetings for everyone to try, and paid members may check out a carrier to use between meetings. Check the calendar for the schedule of meetings if you’d like to give this carrier a try!

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