BWI Bankruptcy Declaration: What It Means For The St. Louis Chapter

Dear Members of the St. Louis Babywearing Community,

On August 17, we were notified that Babywearing International, our parent organization, is filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy at the end of the month. This came as a huge surprise to us.

At this time, our local Board of Directors and our volunteer team are working swiftly and diligently to determine our course of action moving forward. It is our intent to continue serving the Greater St. Louis community to help caregivers with all babywearing needs. We are hoping to transfer our assets to a new independent group ahead of the bankruptcy filing.

We may need to make changes to our meeting and service structures in the coming months. Please know that we do intend to eventually continue offering service similar (or better!) than our current model, but that may need to be paused due to legalities and liability. We will let you know more as we learn more.

As we move forward, you will likely begin to see changes to this website, our public page and groups on Facebook, and other media. We will try our best to be transparent through the process and keep everyone up to date!

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If you are knowledgeable in incorporating nonprofits, nonprofit legalities, 501(c)3), marketing/graphic design, etc. and would be willing to donate your services to the group, please contact us at

Thank you for being a member of our community. We look forward to seeing you soon!

BWI of St. Louis Gateway Board of Directors
Kelly Schnettgoecke, President

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