Working On It Wednesday: Front Double Hammock

Working On It Wednesday #woiw

Welcome to the blog edition of WIOW!  
We will be posting the woiw with as much information as we can here, then we hope you will pop on over to our facebook group and share your photos there!
Each week we will choose one carry to play with, practice and perfect!! What better way to experience and expand our babywearing bag of tricks!!
Practice the carry, play with it enjoy!! Post pics!!!
#woiw #BWIGateway

This week’s carry is the Front Double Hammock or FDH.  For this carry you will need a base or base +1 woven wrap, for me I need a size 6 or 7.  This is a two shoulder front carry that is great from newborn all the way up through toddlers.  This carry is super comfortable and supportive but takes some precise tightening to get it right. This is a carry you want to use for a longer duration not for a quick up.  
Video Links:  This video is done with a newborn. This video is pre-tied with a toddler. This video is done with an older baby, in between newborn and toddler.
Let us know what you think!
Have fun and happy babywearing!


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